Porto Arsenale La Maddalena

This sophisticated, elegant port of call enjoys one of Sardinia’s finest and most unspoilt settings. Porto Arsenale’s new Marina was created with the redevelopment of the old military base that was once used for warship maintenance.
The Marina has been designed to accommodate around 450 craft and is the only landing place in north-eastern Sardinia with the facilities for maxi and mega yachts, including sailing yachts, of over 110 metres in length.

A berth at Porto Arsenale puts you at the heart of the La Maddalena archipelago, amid a landscape of rare beauty, where the Mistral-smoothed granite rocks frame the crystalline waters. But it is the Marina that takes centre stage at Porto Arsenale La Maddalena, where guests who choose to moor here can savour the impeccable hospitality that is the hallmark of all Eleganzia facilities: Marina guests will enjoy the same level of services as at a superior hotel, combined with all the advantages of a modern, efficient landing point.

There will be around 50 berths available for summer 2013, with another 400 to come when the facilities are fully completed. Everyone who chooses Porto Arsenale this summer will find all the essential services operational, together with a range of lifestyle facilities.

The Marina at Porto Arsenale La Maddalena is immersed in the stunning scenery of the La Maddalena archipelago, on the edge of the Emerald Coast in north-eastern Sardinia. When the project comes to full fruition in 2013, there will be a tourist port for 450 boats, covering 128,000 square metres of limpid waters with over 2 km of jetties equipped to moor maxi and mega yachts of up to 114 metres. There is also a 155,000 square-metre complex dedicated to the comforts of a sophisticated seagoing tourist clientele. On completion, the Marina will be able to offer a range of exclusive services, including a boatyard with all the latest technology.

A system is already in place, however, to provide access to a network of other capable professional boat maintenance and repair operatives, in order to meet all our guests’ requirements throughout the year, in addition to traditional chartering and brokering services. Although the port is currently under development, some of the lifestyle services and facilities are already fully operational. These include weather forecasts, croissants and newspapers on board for a relaxing start to the day, car transfer to La Maddalena town centre, a shuttle bus to/from La Maddalena running several times a day, a water taxi to/from the best beaches, and bunkering booking services.

The following services are also available on request: an on-board catering service with your own chef and waiter, on-board wine tasting with sommelier, a cleaning and flower-arranging service, on-board spa treatments, and catering facilities rental.


On the approach to the port (2 M), keep to the centre of the channel between Santo Stefano and Caprera and beware of rocks breaking the surface near Cala Stagnali (Caprera). There is an isolated hazard marked by buoys to the west of the harbour mouth.

Services operational

- electricity and fresh water points
- quay lighting
- line runners
- security
- toilet and shower facilities
- weather forecasting
- fire-fighting service
- frogmen
- car parking
- refuse collection
- collection of oils and spent batteries
- refuelling booking service
- on-board provisioning service
- ice sales
- Wi-Fi
- laundry
- all technical and ancillary services available on request

From 2013:

- slipway
- ship ramp
- mobile crane for loads up to 40 t
- travel lift (100 t)
- open/covered boat storage
- motor repairs
- electrical and electronics repairs
- wooden, GFRP and steel hull repairs
- sail repairs
- pilot
- black water collection

Availability: continual.

Access: when near the port, contact the control tower (on channel VHF 69); once authorisation to proceed has been given, keep to a maximum speed of 3 knots.

Lighthouses and lights: green light flashing at 4-second intervals, range 3 M to starboard on entry; red light flashing at 4-second intervals, range 3 M to port on entry.

Sea bottom: rock and mud.

Depth: 2-12 m.

Radio: VHF channel 69.

Address: Porto Arsenale, Piazza Faravelli s.n.c., Loc. Moneta 07024, La Maddalena (OT); Marina reception tel.: (+39) 0789 794225; website: www.portoarsenalelamaddalena.com.

Moorings: 450.

Maximum length: 114 m.

Please refrain from anchoring, fishing, bathing, diving, discharging bilge water, discharging black water and creating noise nuisance.

Winds: westerly - north-westerly (Mistral).

Onshore winds: westerly - north-westerly (Mistral).

Shelter: all directions.

Nearest safe anchorage: Porto Palma, Cala Coticcio, Cala Portese (Caprera), Baia Trinità, Cala Francese and Cala Spalmatore.